High-Frequency Lifting, Intermittent Fasting & The Ketogenic Diet

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  • Heard Joe Rogan on a podcast talk about Pavel. He said if you can do ten reps of a weight just hold back and do 5, but do it more frequently, like daily. He recommends this rather than beat your body up for an hour and then wait three days and repeat.

  • 3 pounds lost in 3 days? Calories? Cardio?

    • 2/200 = 1% error.

      Although I did do a 48 hour fast last weekend… (Saturday – Monday evening). My scale has some pretty “sticky” RAM: unless there’s a really appreciable difference in weight in the last 24-hours it will display the same reading.

      So it probably took a few days for it to register…

  • On your off week you should look into yoga. It helps with mobility, flexibility, and range of motion. Theres a reason why NFL teams are incorporating it into training.

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