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A Fast, Fasted Workout

Click Here to see the Results of my Four Day Fast:

I’m currently on Day Three of a planned Five-Day fast.  I’ve been keeping a daily log tracking morning bodyweight, chronicling my general mood and measuring blood glucose and B-OHB every evening.  I’ll have everything logged and edited for a post sometime this Sunday or Monday.

I’m currently on a deload of sorts and took a break from Wednesday and Thursday’s workouts. As mentioned previously, it’s been approximately 72 hours since my last meal and, feeling fine, went to the gym and put in a quick workout.

Sets x Reps x Weight in Pounds

Bodyweight: 203

Bench Press: 1 x 4 x 225; 1 x 3 x 245; 2 x 2 x 265

Weighted Pull Ups: 2 x 2 x 25

The general idea behind the deload (in my mind, anyhow) is to considerably decrease volume without cutting the intensity too much.  In addition, I also took into consideration the fact that I haven’t eaten in three days as previous experience suggests that strength will decrease on a fast– at least in the short term.  It takes a couple days to sufficiently replenish glycogen and for my strength to return.

I also conducted an “N=1” experiment testing fasting glucose and B-OHB both before and after the workout; details will be included in the final post tracking this fast.

Let’s just say that it corroborates Dr. Peter Attia’s findings here.

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