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Almost there

Sets x Reps x Weight in Pounds

Bodyweight: 209

Bench Press: 2 x 3 x 270

Weighted Pull Ups: 3 x 2 x 55

Everything is slowing down and I’m starting to ache a bit.

I think I’m going to “peak” the first half of next week then fast for a few days.  I might have a high-intensity, low-volume (like 1 set of 3-5 reps each for the bench, press and pull-ups) workout half-way through the fast.

Starting Monday, June 19 I’ll probably start back up at a lower weight, slightly higher rep scheme.  Maybe 3 x 5 x 245/155/25/185 on bench/press/pull ups/rows, respectively.

The hamstring tendinitis/bursitis/whatever-it-is has mostly cleared up but it can still ache from time-to-time.  Especially if I’ve been sitting for too long, or doing a lot of driving.  Neither of which should be a problem the rest of the week.

I think I’m going to wait another couple months before easing back into squats. And stick to front squats to minimize hamstring stress, at that.


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  • On your off week you should look into yoga. It helps with mobility, flexibility, and range of motion. Theres a reason why NFL teams are incorporating it into training.


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