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Fromager D’Affinois – The Greatest Cheese in the World

Fromager d’Affinois: France’s Greatest Contribution to the World

If you’re eating keto, odds are that cheese makes up a larger-than-average portion of your diet.

Cheese is probably the perfect keto food: it’s high in fat, moderate in protein and most varieties have virtually zero carbs.  Cheese can also be added to most any dish or eaten by itself.

The problem, at least in the States, however, is that most grocery stores are limited to the most common varieties: cheddar, mozzarella, some kind of four-cheese or Mexican blend, etc.

But if you’ve been on keto long enough you’re going to want to start branching out and trying more exotic (i.e. expensive) cheeses.

Like most aspiring turophiles you will eventually discover and fall in love with the venerable brie.

The problem with brie, however, is that 1) the better varieties can get kind of pricey (especially if they’re sold in big wheels) and 2) they can get pretty funky (especially if they’re apportioned from big wheels).

So odds are you’d be better served with an individually wrapped brie that doesn’t contain the funk.  Sure, there’s Alloute– but it doesn’t really have that ooey-gooey goodness…

Enter the Petit d’Affinois: a smaller, 8.5 oz hexagon available from Walmart, of all places:

If butter and cheese made a baby…

Apparently, this brie-style cheese uses an extra helping of cream before undergoing a process of “ultrafiltration.” The end result is a brie that’s 60% fat by dry-weight and has a much richer, “cleaner” taste.  Unlike other bries that get that funky ammonia bite, I’ve eaten this one several days past it’s expiration date with no problems.

Be sure to let the brie sit at room temperature for at least a couple hours and it will soften considerably.

The same dairy also makes St. Angel: a triple (!) creme brie, but I’m highlighting it’s lighter little brother because 1) it’s much easier to find and 2) quite a bit cheaper.

Again, I first discovered this cheese at my local Walmart for only $5.93 for an 8.5 oz wheel, or $11.16 lbs.

When I later moved, the new local Walmart didn’t carry it so I sent an email asking them to stock it.  It took them a few months to get it in the store, but they delivered the goods!

So by all means, stop by Walmart and see if they have it in stock.  If they don’t, be sure to send them an email.

I’m also thinking of starting a letter-writing campaign to Trader Joe’s– they’ve got so many other wonderful cheeses at great prices, it’s a wonder they don’t carry d’Affinois as well.


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