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The Perils of Lifting in a Budget Gym

… is that some days you can only find three 10-lbs plates.

Sets x Reps x Weight in Pounds

Bodyweight: 214(?)

Bench Press: 3 x 3 x 260

Weighted Pull-Ups: 3 x 3 x 45

I really can’t complain about my gym, especially when I only pay $15 a month.

The gym is located in what looks like an old industrial shop and is filled entirely with 2nd hand equipment.  It’s a great concept that helps to keep costs down, but I think the execution could be better.

I don’t think the gym owner necessarily grasps the basic concepts of optimization.  For instance, there are more racks, benches and platforms than there are barbells.

There is also a chronic shortage of plates– 10 pounders seem to be in short supply at the moment.

Last week I tried to grab the only available 10 lbs plates from the “crossfit” side of the gym, but the class instructor wouldn’t let me take them.

No lie, there were two squat racks on his side of the gym and each was set up with an EZ-curl bar with 10 lbs on either side.

EZ-bar curls (in the squat rack) for time!

You can’t make this up, I can’t imagine a trainer could be this incompetent– it only makes sense if he were intentionally undermining his clients to keep them coming and paying the hourly rate.


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