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About This Site

This site began in the early Spring of 2014 as a side project I was planning to run alongside a Social Media Analytics course I was taking for business school.  I was a few months in and about forty-pounds down into my first foray into the ketogenic diet, and I think I was hoping to apply what I learned in the Social Media course to the blog and eventually develop a fitness oriented online revenue stream (Ha!).

My only post was a photo, description and nutrition profile of a steak dinner I cooked one night and I was surprised to find that it got a couple of likes from two other bloggers.

I didn’t do any more blogging after that.

About a year later I logged back into the old blog and looked at the traffic stats to see I had actually gotten a number of visits courtesy of google searches mostly about combining intermittent fasting and keto.  The thought that that single post was still getting traffic stuck in the back of my mind and I made another attempt at blogging in May, 2016.

This time I actually shelled out a few bucks to reserve a domain name and web-hosting, but it wasn’t until a year later in May, 2017 when my credit card racked the auto-renewal fee that I decided to just learn as I go along…

So what am I trying to accomplish?

1. Share what’s worked for me:

I’m a better-than-average, but hardly gifted athlete and I like to think I know a thing or two about lifting.

After many starts and stops, I’ve lost as many as 110 pounds via intermittent fasting and a ketogenic diet and I’m currently 90 pounds down from my heaviest weight of 300 pounds nearly three-years ago.

2.  Share what I’m doing now:

While I’ve kept logs in the past, the notes don’t always have context about diet, sleep, injuries, etc.  This blog will help keep a better record of my diet and training as well as keep me accountable.

3.  Put my unique spin on things:

Let’s be real: there’s not much more I can add to anything about intermittent fasting written by Dr. Jason Fung or Martin Berkhan.  The list of Drs. and PhDs. in the keto “industry” is long and distinguished, so what can I hope to add?  Well, I know a few recipes and have found a few hacks to save time, money and inconvenience.  I like high-frequency lifting, but I’m certainly not a Clarence Kennedy– although I think I can certainly provide a few pointers, especially to those just starting out.

4.  Learn:

I’ll admit it: I want to learn how to develop, run and monetize a blog. While I have no illusions about quitting my day job, it would be nice to 1) learn the platform, and 2) learn how to market it– if only to acquire the skills and apply them to some future venture.

Finally, I’d like to learn from an audience of other contrarian-minded fitness geeks who are taking a similar approach with their training and dietary routines.

So with that said, I’ll make it an effort to start posting in earnest and to build out this site as I go along.  Like or subscribe, and don’t hesitate to comment and send feedback.

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